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Name: Bii
Preferred pronoun: Standard female
Preferred means of contact: AIM: grandhighbiichama
Any other characters currently in-game? Nope. Not yet.

Name: Usagi Tsukino
Gender: Female
Source: Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon (anime)
Canon point: Between Sailormoon and Sailormoon R
Age: 14
Colour: #FF477B
Chumhandle: stolenManga

History: Thousands of years ago, there was a magical kingdom on the moon. Under the goading of the evil Queen Beryl, Earth and the Moon went to war and the Moon Kingdom was destroyed--but not before the Queen of the Moon used the Silver Crystal and her dying power to send the fallen dead into the future to be reborn. Usagi is the reincarnation of Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom. She spent a year fighting the forces of the Dark Kingdom as the pretty soldier Sailor Moon, until the final showdown with Queen Beryl. Usagi defeated Beryl, but she died in the process. However, her dying self made a wish that she could be reborn as a normal girl again and so time was rewritten so that the Dark Kingdom never attacked. Usagi doesn't remember her time as Sailor Moon—however, her cat DOES.
Personality: Usagi is lazy, flaky and a crybaby. Even so, she has a brave soul and a kind heart. She will always do her best to help those in need. She is much, much stronger than even she knows she is and she cherishes her friends. She is always willing to give people a second chance. She is an idealist and has a romantic view of the world.
Abilities & physical limitations: Usagi used to be able to transform into the pretty soldier Sailor Moon in order to punish evil in the name of the Moon by slicing through monsters with her tiara and purifying those possessed by monsters with her scepter. Sadly, she's forgotten how to do it and her cat lost the transformation brooch that lets her become Sailor Moon didn't come with her. Although the potent reality-shaping power of the Silver Crystal lies hidden within her breast, she cannot use the Silver Crystal without dying and she doesn't even realize that she has it inside her. While Usagi has a lot of power, it's mostly that power she is unaware of or cannot access and I intend to keep it that way for the most part.
Appearance: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/42953334/SailorMoonR-1.jpg
http://dl.dropbox.com/u/42953334/normal_act_one_357.jpg (I'm using anime continuity, but she does basically look like this as a living person?)

Notable AU differences from canon, if applicable: I'm mostly playing her universe straight, except Luna can't find where she put Usagi's locket and so she can't transform into Sailor Moon.

Strife Specibus: Frisbeekind (eventually tiarakind?)
Prototyping: Broken Sailor V video game cartridge (Underlings dressed in Sailor V costumes)
Title: Knight of Touch it's available—it looks like the last Knight dropped?—otherwise Saint of Touch?
In-game abilities: Can expend her own energy to heal other people. Eventually will be able to heal large groups of people this way—as long as there's lots of food around for her to regain energy with. Also, her silly speeches can sometimes distract enemies from attacking.
Planet: The Land of Snacks and Rainbows is home to a brilliantly shining sky and a landscape made out of lots of delicious things to eat! In fact, it rather resembles a certain room from Mr Willy Wonka's factory. The consorts there are friendly bunnies that enjoy making sweet mochi.

RP Sample:
SM: hiiiiiiiiiii!
SM: my names usagi!
SM: im 14 & in my second year of junior high & my bloodtype is o!
SM: this place is so weird!!!
SM: i got this disk in the mail a couple days ago.
SM: but i didnt have my own computer and haruna sensei wouldnt let me use a school one so i had to get naru to make umino let me borrow his laptop. its so heavy! i can't believe he has TWO computers.
SM: and now i am in a candy land and i guess theyre back on earth?
SM: i hope theyre okay.
SM: and my parents too.
SM: and i guess even shingo even if he's a little brat.
SM: there's weird monsters here. but it turns out that you can beat them pretty good if youve got some frisbees handy.
SM: also the bunnies here are pretty nice. they are making sakura mochi in the kitchen.
SM: … oh no.
SM: mama and papa are going to KILL ME for taking the house.

“Usagi! Usagi, are you even listening to me?” The black cat jumps up onto the desk, her tail lashing irritably. “USAGI!!”

You sigh. “Not now, Luna. I'm trying to make contact with other people in this game thingy! I think that's what this memo thingy is for, anyway.”

Luna sniffs. “Well, get a move on, okay? We need to go back out and fight more of the monsters. And I still think you should transform.”

“I don't know how to transform!” You remind her. “I told you that!”

“I know,” Luna mutters. “I just have to find where I put your brooch.”

SM: also my cat is talking to me.
SM: (>_<)


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